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American Glass Block

St. John’s Lutheran Church of Orchard Park Selects American Glass Block

St. Johns Lutheran Church on S. Buffalo St. in Orchard Park selects American Glass Block to install Basement Windows at the Church House.


Kenmore Police Selects American Glass Block

Kenmore Police on Elmwood Ave. in Kenmore, NY select American Glass Block to install glass block windows into their various offices.
Job is complete. It was great to work with their organization.

Pictures will be avalible online shortly.

American Glass Block

St. Stevens Church on Wherle Dr. in Amherst Selects American Glass Block

American Glass Block has installed glass block windows into the church basement for ventilation and also to increase the natural light.

Custom Canvas Selects Amercan Glass Block

Custom Canvas at 775 Seneca St. Buffalo, NY selected American Glass Block to install windows into their building.

The following windows are just a small example of commercial work American Glass Block is capable of.

The Kissling Interests selects American Glass Block Company

The Kissling Interests who owns many properties throught Buffalo, NY and NYC hires American Glass Block to install over 300 basement windows into their Hertal Homes location.

Dennis Delano of Cheektowaga, NY Selects American Glass Block

The Dennis Delano of Cheektowaga, NY selects American Glass Block to replace his basement windows.  American Glass Block  is honored to recieve an order from a man of this caliber along with his very friendly wife.

What to Do About Your Basement Windows

Basement windows can be tricky sometimes. Most of us with basements have them, but we don’t always know what to do with them. Oftentimes they can be very difficult to work with because they are usually different than the other windows in the house. Normally they sit very low to the ground. For these reasons, many people go on for years without changing their basement windows. Instead they let them collect dust and pass them off as a part of the house that can stand to be neglected. However, there is an alternative in this situation. Far too few people know about glass block windows. These are popular for basements.  When compared to normal windows, glass block windows have many advantages.

Glass block windows are made so that they provide a lot of natural light to a room. This correlates to a lower electricity bill and a brighter room altogether. Regular windows that collect dust and dirt will soon enough begin to block out the light, and they aren’t built to add more natural light to a room in the first place.

Because basement windows are so low to the ground, they create a security risk for many people. It’s very easy for burglars or even roaming animals to break through. On the other hand, glass block windows are made of such a sturdy material that will stand up against intruders. They also usually make quite an impact on any room because they are often so beautifully designed that they make normal windows seem ordinary and dreary in comparison.

Looking at price, normal windows typically are not very expensive, but glass block windows do not have to be pricey either. There are many different options to choose from to fit any budget. Case in point: It’s well worth it to consider changing your basement windows. You probably won’t regret it.

The Benefits of Glass Block Windows

When it comes to making changes to your home, you have many different choices before you. There are all kinds of things you can do from painting the outside of your house to putting in a new faucet. Sometimes all the different choices can leave us confused about what to do. However, if we take a  good hard look at our homes and decide exactly what it is we need in terms of both functionality and price, we usually won’t have too difficult of a time selecting the appropriate improvement on our home.

For instance, some people realize that they need to decrease their electric bill, but at the same time, they’d like to add more light to either a basement or a bathroom. These people have put in glass block windows. These windows come with many different benefits. Here are some just to name a few.

First, just to explain, glass block is a hollow block that is made of glass. You just can’t get a simpler explanation than that! It can be used in any room of the home or office, but most commonly it is used in the basement, bathroom or garage. These blocks are a great alternative to both windows and even the walls themselves. You can replace entire walls with glass block windows. Many local companies, like those found in Buffalo, NY for instance have professional installers and designers who will put the windows in for you.

One of the biggest benefits of glass block windows is that they will save you money on your electric bill and they will increase both your security and privacy.  

Well, those are the advantages. If you are anywhere in the vicinity of Buffalo, NY you should have no problem finding a place that can install the windows for you. Glass block windows are sure to be the home improvement you are looking for.

How to Improve the Look of Your Basement

If you have a basement, you’re probably not a stranger to the feeling that sometimes it can be a little dark down there and sometimes it can be a little cold. You’ve probably gone down there and said to yourself that you do need to do or change something just to make the place a bit brighter or more inviting. Maybe you’re looking for the look that the movie stars have in their basements or that special something makes the place look more like a place to have a party in than a place to store boxes in.

Well, there are many ways to improve the look of your basement. For instance, you can add new carpets. You can paint the walls. You can also redo your ceilings. However, one way that is gaining more and more popularity these days is to add glass block windows. They have the ability to spice up any basement.  Out of all the places in the home to put glass block windows, the windows are more popular in basements. This is especially true in Buffalo, NY.  

One of the biggest reasons is because too often, basement windows pose a high security risk. Basement windows are usually low to the ground and located at the rear of the house.  However, putting in glass block windows can alleviate all the security problems associated with basement windows. These windows not only provide added security but they also provide added privacy.

Have you ever seen those beautiful shiny looking bar shelves or the window shutters that just look like they have some unique vibrant touch to them?  You’re usually looking at glass block windows, and they could be just the thing your basement needs.  Well what are you waiting for?  Try some glass block windows out.

Oakbrook Condominium‎ in Williamsville, NY selects American Glass Block Company

Oakbrook Condomium of 100 Oakbrook Drive Williamsville, NY has selected American Glass Block to provide and install glass block windows replacing the old basement windows in selected locations.  American has completed previous glass block projects for Oakbrook and we continue to provide the best service possible.

Pictures will be posted when avaliable

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American Glass Block
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