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    Please Note: Glass Block Windows CAN BE Installed during the Winter Months

    American Glass Block Company is Locally Owned & Operated in Buffalo, NY Since 1989 They have been designing and installing glass block & glass block windows for home, office, and businesses. Whether you are building a new home, remodeling, designing a new office space, building a new restaurant, or any other type of venue, American Glass Block Company designs quality glass blocks with elegant designs.
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  • What is Glass Block? & Why install Glass Block Windows?

    Glass block is a hollow block made of glass and is used for any home, office, or business project. Glass block will help you add beautiful natural light to your home or office allowing you to save money on your electric bill. At the same time, glass block will increase your security and privacy. Glass block is a beautiful alternative to regular windows or walls. Use glass blocks in windows, showers, exterior walls, interior partitions, kitchens, floors, and stairs.

    Glass Block is usually pre assembled into Glass Block Windows to make the installation a little easier. When assembling the glass block we use clear silicone or cement. We recommend Silicone Bonding System because of its properties that make it actually adhere to the glass. When installing the glass block windows of course it is important that we use masonry cement around the perimeter of the glass block windows because it is a larger void. Silicone is much better to hold the glass block together and the cement is used to secure the glass block windows in place.

    Regardless, American Glass Block will always ensure the job is done right when you decide to install glass block windows here in Buffalo, NY.

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  • The “Castle” Glass Block Window

    Glass Block can be assembled to create glass block windows in many sizes and shapes.
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